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You can use AOL with any high speed service including: Cable - DSL - Satellite
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Current AOL Deals

AOL is Now Free!
Download AOL for Free and use it with any high speed internet conection! Switch to any high speed service and keep your AOL!

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About AOL

One of the country's first Internet Service Providers, AOL has shifted towards being a content provider in recent years. While Dial-up service and enhanced customer service packages are still available for a monthly fee, many of it's core services are now free. AOL has made it's software, e-mail service and many other products free to broadband users.

This means that AOL Dial-up users can get high speed internet without sacrificing their @aol.com e-mail address or go through the trouble of having to learn new software.

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Comcast Cox Earthlink Adelphia
Insight Atlantic Broadband Cable ONE Charter Communications Mediacom Optimum Online Bresnan Online Buckeye CableSystem Bright House Road Runner SuddenLink Time Warner Cable
DSL Internet Providers Include
AT&T Verizon Earthlink SBC Qwest Sprint Embarq Alltel BellSouth Windstream Frontier CenturyLink
Satellite Internet Providers Include
HughesNet WildBlue Direcway Exede Starband

Wireless Internet Providers Include
Boost CLEAR Sprint Verizon Wireless T-Mobile

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