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Online-Only Deals! High Speed Internet + DIRECTV Select $75/mo for 12 months. Or get 50 Mbps High Speed Internet for $40 for 12 months. PLUS Visa® Reward Card Offer.

Fiber Optic! 1000 Mbps fiber internet $80/mth with unlimited data.

Not in a U-verse service area? No problem. Build your own internet service bundle with standalone DSL Plans and bundles.

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About AT&T High Speed Internet

Formerly SBC and BellSouth, AT&T High Speed Internet is provided by AT&T in 21 states along with customized content, services, and applications. Their high speed internet service can be bundled with other AT&T services including AT&T phone, AT&T wireless and DIRECTV service (acquired by AT&T in 2015). AT&T is offers U-verse, a branded high speed internet service as well as it's 1 Gbps AT&T fiber optic internet service.

Features of their high speed internet service include:

  • Advertised speeds of up to 1 Gbps depending on the plan and service area.
  • Included Wi-Fi Gateway router to connect your devices.
  • Self-install kits and professional installation available.
  • Access to the national AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot Network, at no charge.
  • Qualify for additional discounts and online-only deals including AT&T high speed internet service.

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