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current Sparklight Internet Deals

No Contracts! Broadband Internet deals starting at $39.00 per month. Bundles with 100 Mbps Internet speeds and TV for $79/mo.

Turbo 300 Plus 300 Mbps download speeds, 30 Mbps upload speeds, 1,200 GB data plan for $80/mo.

Gigaone Plus Plan! 1,000 Mbps internet speeds for $125/mo with 1500 Gigabyte data usage plan.

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About Sparklight Internet

Sparklight is the consumer internet and cable TV brand of Cable ONE Inc. The Sparklight brand name was adopted by CableONE in 2020. Cable ONE offers its Sparklight services to mostly to smaller rural communities in 19 western, mid-western and southern states. Cable ONE is a top ten cable provider and report to have more than 900,000 customers. Sparklight's corporate headquarters is located in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition to internet service, they offer additional products such as phone, cable TV, and small to large business solutions.

Features of Cable ONE services include:

  • WiFi ONE + Sparklight Internet standalone tiered data speeds for residents. Get Sparklight 100 Mbps, 200 Mbps, 300 Mbps speed, or GigaOne Plus plans with a download speed of up to 1,000 Mbps, 10 Mbps upload. Availability with limited internet usage meter or unlimited data cap plans.
  • Option to add unlimited data for residential internet plans in almost any area.
  • No contract required; guaranteed bundles trial offer for six months without having to sign a contract.
  • Subscribers can create a Cable ONE email address with no price tag attached.
  • Cable TV starting at $40/mo. Contracts with up to 100 channels, including HD TV, TV everywhere, music channel and more.
  • Free no obligation consultation, unlimited data at no extra charge and 24/7 tech assistance with Sparklight Small Business solutions.
  • 24/7 customer tech support, with live chat services, or phone for billing & sales support. Email, and online help & support center with information on frequently asked questions are also available.
  • 30-day money back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • $250 gift card to business subscribers with business phone + business internet on a three year service agreement.

Facts About Sparklight Internet

Sparklight is a leading broadband provider, and is a subsidiary brand of Cable ONE. Cable ONE is a multimedia communications company that was created in 1986. Sparklight internet provides service estimates of over 900,000 residential and business customers in 19 states. Sparklight offers consumers a variety of entertainment and connection services through Cable ONE such as internet, cable TV, advanced Wi-Fi solutions, and phone service. Sparklight Business also gives cost-effective and expandable products to channel the needs of small to large businesses, enterprise, wholesale, and carrier customers.

Sparklight Services

With the variety of products, services, and flexibility in plan options; Sparklight product bundles are feasible for everyone. Cable ONE Internet services offer a variety of data plans with number of tiers of bandwidth consumption speeds from Sparklight 100 Mbps, 200 Mbps, 300, Mbps, GigaOne 1,000 Mbps dependent on details like area/service location, price, customer preferences, and eligibility. Sparklight does not offer wireless phone service data, as the company only offers home/business internet, cable TV, business category services, and landline telephone service. Aside from their internet plans and communication services, Sparklight also offers business advertising. Their creative services category offers still photography, providing professional pictures and various video channels; brand, training, aerial and commercials. Sparklight's digital marketing channel provides perks such as targeted display, search engine optimization, web development, social media management, OTT/CTV advertising, and search engine marketing.

Residential Internet Services

Get enhanced video quality with high definition channels to watch TV and movies with an optimized viewing experience. Sparklight gives users the ability to watch a movie, or TV anywhere with a connection. It can be accessed through any common web browser (i.e. internet explorer) on devices like a Mac or PC. Cable ONE internet was ranked among the top Internet Service Providers by Netflix. This is likely because of the cache data storage capacity that Cable ONE uses to quickly access content. Cable ONE internet download speeds were faster than Comcast, Mediacom, AT&T, CenturyLink, and Frontier. Cable ONE allows Netflix, and other streaming providers to be used on their service without throttling. Sparklight offers different speeds at different price levels: Their Streamer & Gamer Internet Plans are designed for gaming, video streaming, music streaming, downloading files, browsing social media sites, VOIP, party chat with friends and other high bandwidth online activities. The Streamer & Gamer 200 Mbps download speed data plan includes 700 GB of data and a 20 Mbps upload speed. If that's not enough for the task, consider upgrading to their fiber plans which can give gamers download speeds up to 1,000 Mbps.

Small to Large Business

Sparklight business support offers speed, service and reliability to over 70,000 small businesses with internet, voice and video. The company has local service & technical support that help power growing business communities with local resources and service teams. Cable ONE internet exceeds the industry standard, and has technology with fiber optics in many markets to help businesses grow faster, and keep operations connected. Customized solutions allow Sparklight to assess business' necessities and customize business internet, voice, and video packages to meet market needs.

Sparklight Internet Coverage

Coverage for Sparklight Internet includes mainly serve rural areas in 19 states along the south, central, and north-western U.S. Sparklight serves an estimate of 900,000 customers in the U.S. To find available internet in your area, enter your location on the Compare Internet form and compare available plans and pricing. Note that location, quality settings, bandwidth usage, network-wide internet data use, network management, and network congestion may affect true internet speeds and they may often be lower than advertised speeds.

Sparklight offers service in the portions of the following states:

Alabama AL, Arizona AZ, Arkansas AR, Idaho ID, Iowa IA, Kansas KS, Louisiana LA, Minnesota MN, Mississippi MS, Missouri MO, Nebraska NE, New Mexico NM, North Dakota ND, Oklahoma OK, Oregon OR, South Dakota SD, Tennessee TN, Texas TX, and Washington WA.

Charges & Fees

Contract details may depend on what internet plan or package has been chosen. It's important to review and understand all information within the service agreement including the terms and conditions section of the service plan or packages. These documents disclose key information about a plan and factors affecting pricing other policies regarding refunds and additional charges. Agreement details will include information regarding taxes, infrastructure improvement fees, on site modem/router installation and setup fees, customer equipment fees, connection speeds, security information, additional surcharges, acceptable use policy, data collection, user & provider rights, monthly rate, and more.

Sparklight tends to offer intriductory pricing for limited times (typically 6 months), then internet customers can expect rate increases. Most plans from Sparklight also have a non-contract order meaning the customer is not locked in for a set period of time. Sparklight may review a consumer credit report under the Fair Credit Reporting Act before authorizing an internet plan.

It's important to note that with a Sparklight internet plan, the customer has the option to either purchase their own modem/router or a modem lease fee will be added to their monthly bill. Purchasing is one way to save money in the long run, however renting can give users access to newer technology on a regular basis. Not all devices are compatible on the Sparklight network, but a list of devices meeting network standards should be available from the provider. Also note that if a users phone plan does not include long distance calling there may additional phone charges for calls not in your local area.

Sparklight offers a self installation kit, along with a cable modem self installation video; which means no additional installation fee. If a service call is ever required it is free unless there is wiring or equipment that requires maintenance or replacement. Service calls require $45 fee, or are included with Cable ONE Service Guard for $5 per month added to your internet plan. There is no charge to make changes to your internet services other than the cost of the service or plan upgrades. If the account is being terminated with Sparklight and the modem, router or other equipment isn't owned; a convenience fee of $45 for returns may be charged. Deposits made prior to the end of the billing cycle are non-refundable. Sparklight also has a 30-day money back guarantee.

Cable ONE uses an industry-wide standard called Internet Protocol Detail Record (IPDR) for customer usage metering. IPDR counts traffic measurements on a per-subscriber basis. To ensure accuracy, Sparklight gets audited by NetForecast regularly through doing different types of reference tests and regularly exceeds industry standards. Based on the internet plan, Cable ONE then determines if users are above or below their limit with data usage allocation on data plans with a limit. Customers are then charged taxes and prices accordingly, or data rolls over to the following month. For 100GB of data it is $10, and stays at that price for each additional 100 GB added, up to $50. Alternatively, an unlimited data plan can be added to the billing cycle for the price of $40/mo. The unlimited data option excludes customers with a set location in: Fargo, ND, Odessa, TX, or Emporia, KS. Customers who add the unlimited data options receive regular speeds until they use 5TB in which matter, the tuner will automatically slow down units to a 10 Mbps download speed, and 1 Mbps upload speed.