Frequently Asked Questions

Is high speed internet service available to me?

Chances are it is. You can find out by completing out our High Speed Internet Comparison form.

Why do you want an address?

The street address entered is used to check service availability for that location. You can also use our High Speed Internet Map to view providers serving your state, city or county. You may also complete our form using only a zip code. In these cases the results will be less accurate. View our privacy policy here.

When will payment be required? Do I need a credit card to place an order?

Most of the time, a credit card is not required and the service provider bills you directly. In some cases a credit card number is required. If you do not want to use your credit card online, you can order by phone.

I called the service provider directly and they say they don't offer the deal, gift card or incentive shown on your site. Why?

In many cases we have special arrangements with service providers to promote their high speed internet product and are given special pricing or incentives that come directly from the provider. Often these plans are not available by contacting the provider directly. Other times, we offer incentives ourselves or in conjunction with our technology partners. In these cases the incentive - such as a gift card or rebate - comes directly from us and not the provider.

I was supposed to receive a gift card, rebate or other incentive to place an order. When will I get it?

Each offer has it's own requirements that are outlined at the time of ordering. Generally speaking, there is a requirement that your service be installed and active for 30-60 days before any gift card, rebate or incentive is sent out. For this reason, it can take 6 to 12 weeks for gift cards or other incentives to be sent out.

When will my high speed internet service be installed? Or When will I get the self installation kit?

When you placed your order, you should have received confirmation including your order number with the provider and instructions on any further actions required on your part. In some cases you will need to contact the provider and reference your order number to arrange for installation. Other times installation kits are sent out directly or the provider contacts you. Please reference your confirmation information for further instructions.

Who are you ? How can I contact you?

This site is owned and operated by showtheplanet inc. and has been online since 2004. Our contact information can be found here.