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Get Optimum Best Value! Internet, TV + Home Phone: Sign up for Optimum "Altice One" with their 200+ Channels Digital TV Package, 200 Mbps High Speed Internet and Phone features for $74.99/month for 36 months.

Optimum Standalone Internet! Get Optimum Internet Plans starting at $20/month. Optimum 200 Mbps Internet $44.99/mo. Upgrade to Optimum 300 Mbps download speeds for $54.99/mo or Optimum 400 Mbps for $64.99/mo. Fiber internet with 1 Gig download speeds for $75/mo Price For Life.

Altice Mobile! Optimum Customers in good standing qualify for Altice Mobile. Mobile phone features include an unlimited data usage smart phone plan for just $30/mo Price For Life.

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About Optimum Internet

Optimum is the internet service offered by CableVision Systems Corporation. They serve over 3 million customers, mainly in the NY Metropolitan Area, including portions of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Cablevision was purchased by Altice USA Inc. in 2016 and operates as a subsidiary. Altice also purchased the cable ISP SuddenLink in 2016, giving them a total market upwards of 4.9 Million in select areas within 21 states. Altice USA also owns a range of companies in Europe and the United States such as Cheddar video news. Altice USA is headquartered on Long Island in Bethpage, NY - CableVision's former head office.

Features of Optimum Internet Plans

  • Several download speed tiers including Optimum 300 Mbps, Optimum 400 Mbps, Optimum 500 Mbps and fiber internet with a download speed of up to 940 Mbps. Bundle options are available with all Optimum internet plans.
  • Free smart router with modem lease and internet plan sign up. The smart router offers whole-home Wi-Fi connection for multiple devices and Ethernet connectivity for your home network computer or laptop.
  • Free High Speed Optimum WiFi connection, with the largest and most advanced WiFi hotspots in the nation with over 2 million WiFi hotspots.
  • No contracts with lifetime pricing guarantee on most Optimum internet plans as long as the customer keeps their account in good standing with regular on-time bill payments.
  • Exclusive pricing and access to Altice Mobile; a nationwide LTE unlimited data cell phone plan. Offered exclusively by Altice USA to Optimum clients on the Sprint Network. A subscription also includes unlimited calling and texting.
  • Lower income users may also qualify for low-cost 30 Mbps internet with Optimum WiFi at reduced pricing under the "Altice Advantage Internet" plan. Discounted standard installation, free smart router & modem, and unlimited data are key features with a risk-free cancel anytime policy. A 10 Mbps download, budget Optimum internet plan is also available.
  • Bundle options with deals on cable TV features, DVR, home WiFi network, home phone, and mobile plans.
  • Optimum Internet Network security to ensure that customer data and devices are safe and secure.
  • 30-day money back guarantee refund.
  • Up to $500 contract buyout for a new customer choosing to get Optimum internet and/or TV bundles.
  • Flexible customer service featuring 24/7 web response support, frequently asked questions, help & solutions, online bill payments w/ paperless billing & autopay, and phone support if you have a problem or require help.

About Optimum Internet

Optimum was created in September of 2015 and operates as a subsidiary of Altice USA; a communications and media company. The company's stated goal is to drive innovation and develop communication of the future, to bring people closer together from around the world, and keep users connected to things which matter most to them; faster, and more easily. Optimum Online offers top-tier home internet & Wi-Fi, HD TV, DVR digital video recording, home phone, mobile service, all with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Like many other national telecom and cable providers, Altice USA is actively upgrading it's copper-line infrastructure to fiber optic technology in order to future-proof their network and keep up with the demand for faster download and WiFi speeds. Also like most tech utilities, Optimum internet packages include a network enhancement fee from $2.50 - 3.50 per month in order to fund this expansion. The fee is automatically added to your Optimum bill along with other taxes and fees. As of the end of 2019, Optimum has upgraded more than 500,000 homes to fiber within the tri-state region. Optimum currently offers service in four states, all in the eastern part of the country, including CT, NJ, NY and PA. Their footprint includes densely populated metro areas like the Bronx, Brooklyn and other NYC boroughs.

Optimum also provides home services including digital video recording DVR & HD TV service, home phone, unlimited data mobile phone services, and Optimum Business. They also offer home automation, smart-home, and home monitoring systems through Google Nest. In addition to Optimum internet, they offer unique products like the Altice Amplify - a speaker system with integrated smart-home intelligence features like voice service. "Altice One" is an all-in-one TV device that offers customers additional TV features such as live sports & other 4K HD TV channels, DVR digital video recordings, on-demand music, video, & movie streaming, mobile device sharing, and other apps like HBO, YouTube, and Netflix.

Optimum Internet Plans

Residential Services

An Optimum internet service subscriptions will vary by internet speed and price level. Current Optimum internet packages include download speeds of 10 Mbps, 20 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 200 Mbps, 300 Mbps, 400 Mbps, 500 Mbps, and 940 Mbps (1 Gig) as their best technology available. All of their internet packages charge on a monthly basis, and pricing with some Optimum plans are subject to change w/o notice. Many packages also have a Price for Life guarantee - meaning that the price will not increase as long as an account remains in good standing. Like most ISP's the residential service plans offered by Optimum Online are "asynchronous" meaning that upload speeds are significantly lower than download speeds. Users requiring higher upload speeds should contact customer service to explore available internet connection add-on features. For residential plans, uploads are 10 to 15% of download speeds. Optimum does not have any data cap set, however they do reserve the right to throttle speeds. Their performance rates are based on comparison of Optimum internet throughput in lab testing, and speeds may vary based on real-world usage and congestion on the Optimum network, as well as the client's home network and outside networks. Some of the plans that Optimum internet currently offers include:

  • Reduced rate of 30 Mbps for $14.99/mo (plus taxes & standard installation fee)
  • Best Value Optimum Internet Bundle: 200+ Channels Digital TV & DVR Package, internet 200 and Phone features for $74.99/ mo for a 36 mo. contract. Upgrade to 300 Mbps or 400 Mbps available.
  • Optimum 300 Mbps Internet plans for $40/mo. 1 yr. w/ no annual contract, Auto Pay & Paperless Bill, plus taxes, fees & charges.
  • Optimum 300 Mbps Internet service , DVR & TV experience for $65/mo 1 yr. w/ no annual contract, Auto Pay & Paperless Bill, plus taxes, fees & charges.
  • Optimum 400 Mbps Internet service for $64.99/mo plus taxes/fees.
  • Optimum 1,000 Mbps (1 Gig internet) for $75 per month with Price for Life.

Commercial Services

Optimum provides additional features, to help accommodate the needs of growing businesses. Select Optimum business plans include:

  • Contract buyout compensation for any amount up to $1000
  • 200 Mbps Optimum internet download speeds, 35 Mbps upload, Unlimited data, Unlimited WiFi hotspots access, 15 email inbox accounts, each 5GB of content storage.
  • 300 Mbps Optimum internet download speeds, 50 Mbps upload, Unlimited data, Unlimited WiFi hotspots access, 20 email inbox accounts, each with 5GB of content storage.
  • 500 Mbps Optimum internet download speeds, 50 Mbps upload, Unlimited data, Unlimited WiFi hotspots access, 25 email inbox accounts, each with 5GB of content storage.
  • 500 Mbps to 1 Gig Optimum internet download speeds, symmetrical upload speeds, Unlimited WiFi hotspots access

Business services are provided with a secure network connection. Their network security offers DDoS Protection, Password Manager Service, DNS protection and McAfee anti-virus protection. Optimum provides monthly highlights of cyber-attack protection activity details.

Additional Optimum Internet Services

Altice Advantage is offered through Optimum Online, providing low income users internet service at a discounted rate. Account details eligibility include: a child that is eligible for, or participates in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), enrolled in a NYC public school, seniors 65+, receives Supplemental Security Income (SSI), U.S. veterans receiving state/federal public assistance, and/or no current past due payments with Optimum. For a payment of $14.99/mo users get 30 Mbps internet. Taxes and installation charges also apply.

Optimum offers mobile cellphone devices access to a nationwide network through Altice mobile, which is powered by Sprint for $30/mo. With no restrictions, get an unlimited amount of data usage, voice calling & text messages on a 99% nationwide locations network coverage range signal. That means the freedom to use: an endless amount of data, video streaming, sending emails, message, gaming, or call from most locations, including remote areas. If users want to add two or more lines for family or friends, they can add exclusive $10.00 per phone number savings for Optimum customers. Optimum home phone plans allow calling to any state, Canada, or Puerto Rico.

Optimum Internet Coverage Area

While the coverage area for Optimum Internet, TV services and phone is limited to CT, NJ, NY, and PA, Altice oversees a much greater area encompassing 21 states in the U.S. Their mobile carrier, Altice Mobile, provides coverage across 99% of the U.S. Use the form here and enter a service address to determine if Optimum internet plans are available at your location.

Optimum Internet Charges and Fees

Mandatory fees associated with your new Optimum internet plan may include site installation fees as well as an additional equipment rental fee for the modem. Most modem leases bundle with a free smart router. The router can also be used to monitor bandwidth and set WiFi access schedules for connected devices to your home network. Bringing in your own modem may save money, but it may also mean that you can't get benefits like access to new technology when the company makes an update to the modem or router they offer. Unless a self install or free installation promo is available, installation costs include a one-time standard installation charge of $59.99. Premium installation is also available and includes in-home hard-wiring of devices. You are allowed up to three access points, for a charge of $39.99 each plus $59.99 installation per access point. For the equipment fees, clients pay modem and smart router rental fees of $11.99 per month. If you have several TVs, and more than one TV cable box is required, an additional fee may also be charged at $11.00/mo per device. Payment assistance fees may also be applied for a copy of paper bill documents via mail, paying by phone, past due collection, billing info change card charge-back, early termination fee, re-connection, and service calls.

Optimum Online offers services with minimum contract terms and pricing, as well as no commitment month-to-month service. If the customer decides to terminate their contract prior to the end of the period, they may be obligated to pay termination fee. If applicable, users will still receive a connection until the end of the period as well. If a customer is not in good standing, and there is a problem collecting payments, Optimum reserves the right to update a debit to the account bill in response for payment collection fees. Optimum does offer introductory teaser rates, and also offers flat rate pricing depending on the plan. With a wide variety of plans at different price points; there's pricing and speeds to fit various budgets.

Optimum's main competitor is Verizon FiOS who also focuses on serving consumers in the North, and also offer FiOS gigabit connection at 1 gig download speeds. According to the FCC, Optimum internet download speeds outperform FiOS. Other competitors include Century Link, AT&T and other cable service providers like Comcast Xfinity. Though Optimum internet clients are not required to sign long term agreements, Optimum frequently offers to pay the early termination fees for new customers stuck in a contract with a competing ISP and may offer free installation.