Current Deals from MediaCom

Current Deals from MediaCom

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60 Mpbs High Speed $19.99

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60 Mbps High Speed Internet $19.99 per month for 1 year.
60 Mbps High Speed Internet + Cable TV $59.99 per month for 1 year.
1 Gig High Speed Internet $79.99 per month for 1 year, $139.99 after.

About MediaCom Internet

Mediacom Online is a high speed internet service offered by Mediacom Communications, a cable services provider focused on serving smaller towns and cities across 22 states. They are based out of Blooming Grove, New York.

Features of their high speed internet service include:

  • Advertised speeds ranging from 60-100 mbps depending on the plan.
  • Upload speed of 5 Mbps, 20 Mbps, and 50 Mbps, depending on the plan.
  • 1 gig Internet with download speeds up to 1000 Mbps
  • Data usage allowances ranging from 150 to 6000 GB per month depending on the plan.
  • Mediacom Cable Internet bundles for 79.99 mo.
  • Low cost Internet 60 $19.99 mo. for one year, $39.99 after. This is one of the better Mediacom deals available.
  • 1 Gig internet $79.99 mo. for one year, $139.99 after.

Mediacom Internet Coverage

Mediacom is currently the fifth-largest cable TV provider in the United States and one of the leading internet service providers in Iowa and Illinois. They operate in 22 states, primarily in the Midwest and Southeastern United States. Mediacom internet coverage is widespread in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri and Minnesota. Mediacom offers service in select cities in Kansas, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Michigan, Mississippi, Florida, North Carolina, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Arizona, and California. Cities include Huntsville, AL, Springfield, MO, Bowling Green, KY, Fort Wayne, IN, La Cross, WI, Pensacola, FL, and Virginia Beach, VA.

Mediacom Company Overview

Mediacom was founded in 1996 in New York. Mediacom has been privately held since 2011 and is owned by Rocco B. Commisso. Their main products include residential Internet, cable TV and phone service. Mediacom Business offers the same services for businesses. 1 Gig internet and fiber optic broadband solutions are available for business customers. Mediacom business plans are available in all 22 states within the coverage area. They also serve communities by providing free Wi Fi hotspots in select areas.

Mediacom recently completed its expansion of fiber-optic infrastructure. They were the first cable company in the United States to achieve the goal of launching 1 gig service across their national network. This project enabled Mediacom to provide gigabit level internet to small communities around the United States. Mediacom is currently working on a project to develop a 10GB platform, which will greatly expand their speed capacity. As of November 2019, Mediacom had over 50,000 residential and business subscribers to their 1 gig Internet.

Customer satisfaction is important to Mediacom. The company offers a 90 day satisfaction guarantee, allowing customers in good standing to disconnect service within 90 days of installation. This is for customers who are dissatisfied with Mediacom plans or products or have unresolved service issues. Mediacom works to fit their customers' schedules by offering flexible installation or maintenance appointment scheduling. Night and weekend appointments are available as well as standard weekday appointments. Mediacom also schedules appointments in a 30 minute window, so there's no need for customers to wait at home for hours.

Mediacom is committed to giving back to the community. They offer low-cost Internet plans for eligible low-income families, called Connect2Compete. They also support scholarships and art programs in Iowa, one of their largest markets. Additionally, Mediacom helps students connect to the internet by providing Wi Fi hotspots to families in Iowa.

Current Mediacom Cable Deals

Mediacom offers their Xtream internet in several different speeds. With six different internet speeds to choose from, Mediacom internet plans will fit everyone's needs. It is important to note that all Mediacom internet plans include data caps. Data caps are different according to each package, but fees apply to data overages for each.

The plans Mediacom has to offer include:

  • Xtream Internet 1 gig: The 1 gig (1000 Mbps) plan is the fastest internet speed available through Mediacom. With this package, you can expect download speeds of up to 1000 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 50 Mbps. This package is best for the highly-connected home, supporting up to 20 devices at a time. Of course, 1 gig download and upload speeds may vary based on the number of devices in use. This plan has a data cap of 6,000 GB per month. Any usage in excess of the data allowances is subject to fees of $10/50 GB. The current advertised price is only valid for the first year of service. After the first year, Mediacom will increase the price by $30/month. At the third year of service, the price will stabilize at the standard $139.99/month.
  • Xtream Internet 500: The Xtream Internet 500 Mbps package is the second fastest of the internet speeds available from Mediacom. This package boasts download speeds up to 500 Mbps and upload speeds up to 30 Mbps. Like the 1 gig internet, this plan can support up to 20 devices at a time. Download and upload speeds will be affected by the number of devices connected and their usage. Monthly data caps of 4,000 GB apply to this plan. Any usage over the data cap will cost $10 for every extra 50 GB used.
  • Xtream Internet 200: This plan is in the middle of the Mediacom internet plans. The 200 Mbps internet plan is great for customers in small or medium sized households. With the Mediacom 200 internet package, you can get download speeds up to 200 Mbps and upload speeds up to 20 Mbps. The plan supports up to 12 devices at once. Internet speed may vary based on how many devices are connected and the upload speed of 20 Mbps may be slower if multiple devices are connected to the internet. A monthly data cap of 2,000 GB applies to this Mediacom internet plan. Costs of $10/50 GB apply for data in excess of the usage allowance.
  • Xtream Internet 100: The Mediacom Internet 100 plan has download speeds of up to 100 Mbps and an upload speed of up to 10 Mbps. With the Mediacom Internet 100 service, up to 6 devices can be connected at one time. Mediacom Internet 100 is a good option for small households with only a few devices connected at a time. Download speeds may vary based on device usage. This internet service plan has a monthly data cap of 1000 GB. The same fees of $10 for every extra 50 GB used apply if the data allowance is exceeded. The current advertised price is only valid for the first year of service. After the first year, Mediacom will increase the price to the standard rate of 39.99 mo.
  • Xtream Internet 60: The Mediacom Internet 60 plan is an excellent option for customers who don't require top-tier internet speeds. This plan has download speeds up to 60 Mbps and upload speeds up to 5 Mbps. It can support 4 devices at a time, although the speed of 60 Mbps will be affected based on how many devices are in use. Data allowances for this internet service plan are 400 GB per month. Data overage fees of $10/50 GB apply for users who exceed the 400 GB limit.
  • Xtream Access Internet 60: This option is good for customers who need basic internet access. Like the Internet 60 plan, Access Internet 60 has download speeds up to 60 Mbps and an upload speed of up to 5 Mbps. This is one of the Mediacom internet plans that supports light internet usage. Data usage is capped at 60 Mbps per month, with fees of $10 for every extra 50 GB used. The current price of Internet 60 39.99 mo is good for the first year of service. After one year, the Internet 60 39.99 mo cost will increase to 69.99/month.

Activation installation and modem rental fees apply to all Mediacom internet packages. All currently listed Mediacom internet prices are plus activation installation and modem rental fees. A one-time activation fee of $10 applies to all prices. Modem rental fees are currently $12/month. Keep these extra costs in mind when deciding which Mediacom plan is right for you.

It is also important to consider the data limits. Internet 60 is one of the more popular Mediacom Cable options, but the data cap is 400 GB. Households that may use more than 400 GB of data each month should think about choosing one of the other Mediacom Cable offerings.

Upload speed is a key consideration as well. The low and mid-tier packages offer uploads at 5 Mbps and 20 Mbps. These speeds may be sufficient for some households, but users who upload lots of documents, pictures or videos should consider a getting a package that can upload data at 20 Mbps or greater.

Features of Mediacom Internet

Mediacom Cable offers additional home services to improve internet service for their customers. The Wi Fi 360 multi-room Wi Fi system gives customers a fast and reliable connection throughout their homes. Using the Wi Fi 360 extenders will improve internet coverage throughout the home. This is beneficial for customers with the Xtream Internet 1 gig and Xtream Internet 500 plans. These internet plans offer high speeds and allow multiple device connections, so customers should optimize these internet services by using the Mediacom Wi Fi extenders. If you sign up for the 1000 Mbps internet service, consider using the Wi Fi extenders to get the most out of your package. Mediacom offers Wi Fi 360 free of charge for the first three months of service for most internet plans. After the first three months, it will cost an additional $5/month.

Another service that Mediacom offers is their Total Defense Internet Security Suite. The Internet Security Suite is available to all Mediacom high-speed internet customers. Total Defense protects up to 5 devices from viruses, spyware, and hacking attempts. Even with the security plans Mediacom advises customers to take proactive steps to protect themselves from viruses and phishing attacks.

Another feature of Mediacom internet is free Wi Fi hotspots. Wi Fi hotspots are a convenient way for Mediacom internet customers to connect to the internet when they are away from home. Mediacom Internet hotspots are also available to non customers. Non customers can connect to the Wi Fi hotspots for free for 30 minutes each month. Hotspots are currently available in 22 communities in 12 states. These locations include Greensboro, Gulf Shores, Livingston, and Opp, Alabama; Apache Junction, Arizona; Ocean View, Delaware; Valdosta, Georgia; Columbia and Jefferson City, Missouri; Galena, Quad Cities, and Wiley Park-Galva, Illinois; Culver, Indiana; Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Dubuque and Waterloo, Iowa; Ocean Pines, Maryland; Savage, Minnesota; Edenton, North Carolina; and Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin.

Mediacom customer service is available by phone or online. They have an online answer center, with installation guides and how-to videos. There are online support documents for TV internet and home phone service, as well as home security. The troubleshooting center gives customers the option to search for answers to common problems. The frequently asked questions section is a great resource for problem solving without having to contact a representative. There is also a community forum, where Mediacom users can post questions about any issues they are having and answer other users' questions. Online billing is accessible through the Mediacom website for those who want to go paperless.

Additional Mediacom Services

Mediacom is one of the largest cable internet companies in the United States. In addition to Internet TV service is also offered by Mediacom. Mediacom cable TV can be bundled with phone services and Internet 60 and Internet 100 packages.

Current Mediacom cable TV Internet plans are:

  • Internet 100 + Variety TV + Phone: This package features cable internet and phone. Internet download speeds are up to 100 Mbps. Variety TV features up to 170 channels, a voice activated remote, and the TiVO intelligent guide. Home phone service includes 30 minutes each month of international calling to select countries. Mediacom home phone service also comes with unlimited nationwide calling, caller ID and call waiting. Variety TV is a good option for anyone who wants to watch all of the latest cable TV shows, although additional fees apply. The advertised rate of 79 99 mo for this Internet TV phone bundle does not include the monthly broadcast station surcharge or the sports surcharge. The price of the broadcast station surcharge ranges from $14.13 to $21.53 each month. The price of the regional sports surcharge varies from $1.64 to $12.00 each month. Activation installation fees apply, as well as modem rental fees.
  • Internet 60 + Essential TV: This internet TV package is a great mid-tier option for smaller households. Internet download speeds are up to 60 Mbps. With up to 125 TV channels available, each person in the household will have something to watch. Voice remote and TiVo intelligent guide are included. The current advertised rate for this bundle does not include the monthly local broadcast station surcharge of $14.13 to $21.53 or the price of activation.
  • Internet 60 + Local TV: This TV Internet bundle is a great way to get Mediacom cable Internet service for a low price. It includes Mediacom Internet 60 and up to 50 TV channels. TiVo intelligent guide and voice activated remote come with this bundle. The current rate does not include the price of activation or the local broadcast station surcharge. The price of the monthly surcharge ranges from $14.13 to $21.53.

Mediacom TV comes with extra features like live streaming and recording with TiVo. The TV Everywhere feature allows users to watch on demand shows and movies on their personal devices. The voice activated TiVo remote makes it easy to search for programs–just say the name of the show or movie and the remote will pull it up on the television screen.

All bundles are subject to usage allowance data caps. It is important to note that the rate of these cable Internet bundles is plus activation installation fees. The advertised prices are only good for one year. After one year, prices will increase. For example, the current price to 79.99 mo for the Internet 60 + Essential TV cable Internet bundle will increase by $30/month after one year. During the third year, the monthly price will increase by $10. After the third year, the monthly price will stabilize at $150.44. The advertised price of 79.99 mo for a cable Internet bundle seems like a great deal, but it is worthwhile to consider future rate increases.