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About Frontier Internet

Formerly Citizens Utility Company and Citizens Communications Company, Frontier Communications DSL serves rural areas and smaller communities in 27 states. Frontier Communications Corporation has over 3.75 million residential customers; making it a top 10 internet service provider in the industry in the U.S. In May 2009, Frontier purchased 4.8 million landlines from Verizon in 13 states, significantly expanding its service footprint. In 2013 the company purchased AT&T's wire line services in Connecticut further expanding it's service footprint. The Frontier headquarters is located in Norwalk, Connecticut. Frontier Communications services are offered through numerous channels such as: Wi-Fi & home network internet, TV services, Frontier Multi-Device Security, calling through telephone lines, Frontier Small Business, Frontier Enterprise and Frontier Wholesale.

Features of Frontier high speed internet service include:

  • Frontier TV Service with premium sports, Dish TV, on-demand movies & TV shows, DVR, Netflix accessibility, and video streaming on the go with TV everywhere up to 4K quality.
  • Select plans take home a $100.00 VISA reward card.
  • 20,000+ on-demand titles through Frontier Vantage TV plans.
  • Get FiOS from Frontier on their fiber optic network starting at a price of $29.99/mo. Bandwidth speeds may vary from 50 Mbps, up to 940 Mbps download speeds on Vantage Fiber depending on the plan.
  • Wireless router for wireless network capability included.
  • Frontier FiOS TV offers fast streaming performance without buffering and high quality images for an optimal entertainment experience.
  • Frontier Internet and Voice plans for less than $50 per month.
  • Frontiernet DSL communications provide a simple way to create and access an email address.
  • No annual commitment on most plans.
  • Unlimited data with no data caps or overage fees.
  • Customer service: get assistance with billing inquiries, tech support issues, and account management 24/7 with expert answers from customer support teams. From frequently asked questions online, instructions, phone support and online wizard. Times may vary depending on the type of service call.

About Frontier Internet

Frontier Communication became incorporated in 1935, is a Fortune 500 company and part of the S&P Small cap 600. They currently operate in 25 states across the United States and have over 17,000 employees. Frontier Communications DSL is committed to a goal of keeping people connected to the things that are most important to them. They achieve this by providing access to: unlimited data Vantage broadband internet plans, FiOS TV & video service, home phone line, and business resources. Currently, Frontier Communications DSL serves over 3.75 million customers making it one of the top ten DSL providers in the nation.

Frontier Coverage Areas

Frontier Internet currently offers their service in 25 states. They offer their service in select areas; predominantly rural areas and smaller cities. This means that Frontier services may not be available in all locations. To find out if Frontier is available in your area; enter your zip code and other location information in our Service Availability Form on this page. Frontier internet service is available in the following states:

Alabama (AL), Arizona (AZ), California (CA), Connecticut (CT), Florida (FL), Georgia (GA), Illinois (IL), Indiana (IN), Iowa (IO), Michigan (MG), Minnesota (MN), Mississippi (MS), Nebraska (NE), Nevada (NV), New Mexico (NM), New York (NY), North Carolina (NC), Ohio (OH), Pennsylvania (PA), South Carolina (SC), Tennessee (TN), Texas (TX), Utah (UT), West Virginia (WV), and Wisconsin (WI). Frontier has retail locations in only 16 of the 25 states that they operate in, they are: AZ, CA, CT, FL, GA, IL, IN, MG, MN, NV, NY,NC, SC, TN, WV, and WI.

Frontier Services

Frontier Communications DSL offers a variety of products and services with different pricing to allow coverage to a broad stream of users. Their customer base consists of both households and businesses with a variety of prices to meet the budget of almost anyone. Frontier serves an estimated 3.75 million customers. Frontier offers internet connection service, phone landline, and cable network services.

Frontier internet options vary from DSL, Fiber, or wireless all with no data cap for internet usage. Frontier DSL offers downloads of up to 24 Mbps. They have 3 main DSL plans available all with unlimited data. These three packages are Frontier Simply Broadband Max for starters, Simply Broadband Ultra which is slightly faster, and then their best; Simply Broadband Ultimate with download speeds as high as 24 Mbps download. Where available, Frontier Vantage offers download speeds up to 115 Mbps which is more suitable for multiple devices. Their faster internet package offers 115 Mbps starting at $39.99 per month. Internet customers can also get Frontier plans with Frontier FiOS technology. The Frontier FiOS "Simply Gig Service" provides a maximum advertised internet speed of 940 Mbps download through their fiber optic internet network in select areas and is suitable for activities that have a high demand for internet use like gaming, streaming, use of multiple devices (such as tablets) connected, or other browsing activities. They also offer wireless internet services for those who do not have Ethernet access. Each tier offers a different maximum internet speed, and with that different pricing conditions. In addition, most Frontier plans offer unlimited data with no data caps or overage fees. Internet prices for many plans also include the broadband router fee.

Their home phone service allows phone calls nationwide & internationally (Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and U.S. territories included), call management features like caller id, and have "crystal-clear" call quality. Frontier TV offers availability of 20,000+ titles. Frontier services offer cable TV, or a dish TV. Accessibility to channels on TV can make some services subject to availability dependent on location. Certain conditions apply to their TV channels and may be subject to change based on area (i.e. local news channels).

Their business stream has three main tiers: business, enterprise, and wholesale. Their Business FiOS offers faster speeds, 100% fiber connection, and symmetrical upload/download speeds; whereas almost every other provider uses asynchronous conditions. Business terms also come with a 24/7 technical support team, flexible plans, and budget friendly order options. Frontier business WiFi also has a tailored entrance site, separate networks as a way for guests and employees to be uninterrupted, and is one less thing for business owners to manage. Plans can be adjusted to include security for your network plus multiple devices on it, and can meet phone needs. Their enterprise sector allows for increased connectivity, collaboration, managed SD-WAN traffic, Frontier AnyWare, and cloud IT availability. The wholesale segment allows for smaller network providers to extend their network into Frontier's territories at a high speed. This includes direct connection so there are no performance interruptions to ensure reliability. Frontier also offers access to international carriers, long distance providers, wireless providers and cable companies.

Actual service speed may vary from the advertised speed. Users can experience lag or significantly slower download speeds due to a number of factors such as: usage, copper lines vs. fiber optic, the number of people who use the network, data limits, and internet equipment. The address/location, as well as the internet plan options will also affect speed. The number of devices (tablet, phone computer etc.) being used on one router can also effect the state of connections. If there is a disconnection, sometimes simply restarting the router and/or modem can re-establish signal transmission to the network. If modem/router devices require additional service, Frontier will has a variety of tech support assistance options available so people always have internet access at their convenience.

Charges & Fees

Knowing and understanding the details of a contract are crucial when it comes to the expectations of services. A contract normally includes important information and details such as the terms and conditions that lay out the product and/or service being provided, and the rights/limitations that the parties are subject to: both user and the provider. Some of the content typically included in these files include: acceptable use policy, activation, prices, price hikes, cancellation policy, taxes/other fees, usage limits/data caps, cardholder agreement, equipment fees, internet terms of service, installation fee, broadcast fee, termination fees, broadband processing fee, issuance of refunds, and other restrictions may apply where applicable.

For the purchase of a new phone, internet or TV plan with Frontier, and where the user is eligible for self-installation; Frontier can send a self-installation kit. To do the self-install Frontier has a series of visual installation guides that can be accessed on their website to make the process easier for the consumer. Frontier internet offers teaser rates, with an initial low price, in which consumers are then subject to a change in price after the trial period expires. Alternatively, they do offer some plans with price for life, on Frontier internet service tier only. In this, the Wi-Fi router service fee of $10/mo., taxes, government surcharges, and other fees are extra and subject to increase. Frontier also has additional charges for their router service fee which are included for $10/mo. On top of this, they have an internet infrastructure surcharge of $3.99/mo. This internet infrastructure surcharge helps with fiber optic technology expansion, which allows the company to provide better reliability to a greater service area. Savings & discounts can be made through bundles and package options. Sales representatives may also apply credits to the account, or give reward cards to the account holder to help make a sale on home phone plans, TV plans, or internet plans.

Frontier competitors include fiber internet, cable, and DSL companies such as: CenturyLink, Comcast, Optimum, Spectrum, and Verizon. They also compete with EarthLink Internet who operates as a value-added service provider on the Frontier FiOS network. While frontier does offer their Gig service, other competitors such as Xfinity can offer plans with faster speeds up to 2,000 Mbps with fiber internet in some areas. However, since Frontier serve more rural communities, the fastest internet speeds with the best infrastructure may not be available on frontier internet plans for a while. In the meantime, rural customers may find that a satellite plan or a wireless data plan may be more suitable in providing them with their needs.