About Us

Many common questions are answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

It all started with a several rather frustrating experiences getting high speed internet: Getting it to work. Getting it installed. Getting it fixed. Keeping it working.

After many experiences with a variety of providers, we thought it time to share some of our experiences. High Speed Internet Deals was born.

Now, we not only offer tips, advice and general information about high speed internet, but through our technology partners we give you the opportunity to compare high speed internet deals nationwide and order the plan that fits your needs and lifestyle. We've also begun reviewing and highlighting specific provider offerings as a way to further educate and inform.

You can get a quote on high speed internet service in your area by visiting this page and completing the online form or calling toll free at the phone number posted on this site. The phone number is operated by our technology partners. We have contracts with technology partners to offer exclusive and pricing and consumer incentives on High Speed Internet services and service bundles. In many cases we have special arrangements directly with service providers to promote their high speed internet product and are given special pricing or incentives that come directly from the provider. Often these plans are not available by contacting the provider directly. Other times, we offer incentives ourselves or in conjunction with our technology partners. In these cases the incentive - such as a gift card or rebate - comes directly from us and not the provider. This is why it is important to keep your original order number. If we can't track your order, you may not get the offered deal or incentive.

If you order high speed internet service through our our technology partners (and we hope you do!), we may receive a commission. You should receive email confirmation including your order number with the provider and instructions on any further actions required on your part. In some cases you will need to contact the provider and reference your order number to arrange for installation. Other times installation kits are sent out directly or the provider contacts you. Please reference your confirmation information for further instructions. Please note that although your order is transmitted directly to the providers service queue, it can often take a few hours for your order to register in the service provider's system. You can always change or cancel an order, but since orders are transmitted to the service provider, you may need to cancel or make changes directly with them. You are given instructions on how to contact them with your order confirmation.

This site and the High Speed Internet Deals family of sites are owned and operated by showtheplanet inc. As a company, we've been online since 1999. The High Speed Internet Deals family of sites has been online since 2004.

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