Moving? Avoid High Speed Internet Interruptions Avoid high speed internet service interruptions and get the best deals from providers when you move.


Moving is a lot of work. The last thing many of us think about when planning a move is whether or not we can maintain our connection to the rest of the world, but high speed internet has become the communications center for many homes and planning ahead can help avoid bumps in the road. Whether you're moving across town or across the country there are a several things to consider when moving your high speed internet service.

E-mail Continuity

If you have e-mail service through your current internet service provider you may lose your e-mail address when you switch. If you know you won't be using the same provider it's a good idea to start letting people know what your new address will be. This alone is a good reason to arrange for high speed service in advance of your move. Your new provider can likely set you up with your new e-mail address in advance so you can start the transition. Once you have the new address, you'll want to change your reply-to address so messages go to your new address when people reply to your e-mail. You may also want to try using one of the many free online e-mail services so your e-mail address won't change if you switch broadband service providers again in the future.

Provider Coverage and Internet Deals

High speed internet providers can be finicky about where they can and can't offer service. This typically depends on the age of the neighborhood infrastructure, the distance from the provider's equipment and the population density (aka. potential profitability). What does it mean for you? Your current provider may not cover you at your new address. Or if they do, they may not be able to offer you they same plan you had before. The upside is that it gives you the opportunity to access to new and better promotional offers and incentives that are typically only available to new high speed internet installations.

Most high speed internet providers now offer their best deals when the customer bundles multiple services such as phone service, digital television and even mobile plans with their high speed internet. You might consider bundling products with one provider for maximum savings. Be sure to complete our high speed internet comparison form and find out what high speed internet deals are available.

Modems and Equipment

A new provider often means new equipment. If you've purchased your modem and no longer need it you may be able to sell it back to your old provider for a credit on your last bill. You may be able to use it with your new provider, though they'll likely have their own equipment requirements. Be sure to inquire with both your old and new providers.


If your new high speed service requires professional installation you'll want to arrange an appointment in advance so you can have service up and running the day you move in. If your new provider sends a self-install kit, get them to send it to your old address before you move so there are no delays waiting for equipment to be mailed to your new address.

Moving your high speed service doesn't have to complicated or frustrating, but it does require some advance planning and consideration. Be sure to evaluate all options before choosing a high speed internet provider.

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