Internet Provider ArchiveWhere long forgotten and recently deceased Internet providers still live on

Since this website went online in 2004, more than a dozen of our previously listed internet providers have disappeared. Some have been purchased by rivals looking to improve their service footprint, while reducing costs and competition. Others have merged to gain a strategic combined advantage. Some have re-branded after major service improvement or changes. Still others have simply stopped operating.

If you were an Adelphia internet customer in 2005, your account may have been sold to either Comcast or Time Warner Cable who split up the former Adelphia service area in 2006. Time Warner Cable became part of Charter Communications in 2016 so you might now be a Spectrum Internet customer. If you were a Wildblue Satellite Internet customer in 2008, you would have become an Exede customer after 2009 and a Viasat customer starting in 2018. Sprint DSL customers prior to 2005 became Embarq customers who became CenturyLink customers in 2009. If you were a customer of Clearwire you became a Sprint wireless customer in 2013 and a T-Mobile customer in 2020. You get the idea.

If the early 80’s were about breaking up the big companies, the 2000’s have been about consolidation. The breakneck pace of technological advancement during the last 20 years has probably made consolidation something of a necessity since huge infrastructure improvements have been required in order stay apace with both wired and wireless advancements. Thankfully for consumers, the landscape has largely improved. High speed internet services are faster than ever and costs haven’t changed all that much from 10 years ago.

But if you’re feeling nostalgic, we offer our internet provider archive:

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