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current Buckeye Broadband Internet Deals

Buckeye Cable Bundle Bundle 25 Mbps high speed internet and HD Cable TV for $49.99 per month.

Standalone Buckeye Internet Plans 100 Mbps high speed internet for $39.99 per month. Includes unlimited data with no data caps. Get 200 Mbps for $59.99 or 400 Mbps for $99.99.

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About Buckeye Broadband

Buckeye Broadband (formerly known as Buckeye CableSystem), is a cable provider serving about 150,000 customers. They are based in Toledo, OH, and primarily serve areas in NW Ohio, SE Michigan and Erie County. They cater to needs of both family house-holds and businesses by offering a standalone product, or a customizable package for the best customer experience. Not only are they an internet service provider, but also a cable company offering TV service, and home phone service. Buckeye Broadband now offers express internet speeds up to 1 Gig with 10 Mbps upload speeds.

Buckeye Broadband internet features and offers:

  • Typical advertised broadband download speeds of 200 Mbps depending on the plan.
  • Starter Internet for $19.99 per month, 25 Mbps speed.
  • Cable TV packages with cable television, internet and home phone service.
  • Data from 10 gb to 100 Gigs, all the way up to Unlimited bandwidth plans.
  • Speeds up to 1 Gig - 1,000 Mbps plans with 10 Mbps upload.
  • Free Access to Buckeye's WiFi HotSpots
  • Buckeye Business Internet access, phone and IT solutions.
  • Brainiacs: Unlimited phone support, remote access support, malware removal, PC optimization & Bitdefender Antivirus protection for three computers.
  • In-Home WiFi included.
  • Customer service: 24//7 customer service, frequently asked questions search page to solve problems, online info-guide pages, live agent support service, & Buckeye express email support.

About Buckeye Broadband

The CableSystem was created in 1965 in Toledo, Ohio. Since then they've been renamed to Buckeye CableSystem and the current name Buckeye Broadband . The company's mission is to provide communities with the best broadband products and services in all categories. Buckeye Broadband Internet is owned by Block Communications; a media-holding company founded in Ohio in 1900. In addition to internet connection services, Buckeye Broadband offers various products and services including home phone, TV packages, email address w/ 5.00 GB storage, and business services.

Buckeye Internet Coverage

Buckeye Broadband Internet is available in a relatively small area of the north-east including parts of NW Ohio, SE Michigan, and Erie County. Use our Service Availability Form to determine internet service pricing and availability near you. Advertised internet speeds are an average, which can be subject to change due to location, usage and external factors. The company provides connections to approximately 150,000 people in the U.S.

Buckeye Broadband Services

Buckeye Broadband offers various products and services to meet customers needs; whether it be business account customers, or public customers. They provide broadband internet service, and offer bundles of one or more Buckeye services into packages such as cable TV, emails, home phone, and local business service options. With an advertised internet speed of up to 1 Gig (1,000 Mbps) on their networks, the whole family/office can: search the internet, use gaming devices, stream video/music/movie entertainment, use tablets, phones, or any device, download photos, watch live sports and plenty more; without the headache of an interrupted signal or connectivity issues. Their home phone services allow people to make a phone call anywhere in the country, or long-distance and keep the same phone number. Buckeye Cable TV allows customers to use TiVo & "Buckeye TV Everywhere;" a product with 80+ cable TV networks for no additional charge, as long as there's a channel subscription on the cable TV bundle.

Some internet plans, package bundles, pricing, and promotions offered are:

  • Buckeye Starter Internet Plan for $19.99 per month, 25 Mbps internet speed.
  • Buckeye TV & Buckeye Broadband internet connection for $39.99/mo. Get 30+ TV channels, record videos on DVR with TiVo compatibility, and a 25 Mbps download speed for streaming.
  • Best value: For the price of $39.99/mo. for 6 months, get Essential Buckeye Broadband 100 Mbps with free unlimited data.
  • Good value: Buckeye Ultimate Internet with 200 Mbps download speed $59.99 per month. Includes unlimited data.
  • Buckeye Supreme Internet with 400 Mbps download speed for $99.99 per month.
  • Download speeds as fast as 1 Gig in upgraded fiber service areas.
  • Buckeye Home Phone Service for $9.99/mo. for 6 months, with unlimited local minutes and long distance calls. Caller ID and other features can be added for $10/mo.
  • Switching to Buckeye Broadband from another provider can get customers a $500 reward card, or a referral credit of $250 to apply to your bill.

Charges & Fees

Pricing on a high speed internet plan or bundle may vary based on the terms and conditions of a contract agreement. Contracts map out the details on topics relating to the rights which both Buckeye Broadband customers & and the company are subject to. It's important to review the content within the terms and conditions for any information that was not initially disclosed. They typically state information like prices, taxes & other factors that lead to the amount of monthly billing rates such as: package offers, temporary discounts, on-site network equipment installation fee & programming, teaser-price rate change, modem/cable box/router purchase or rental, data limits, connection choice, change of service rate, phone minutes and phone plan, and any activation fee or early cancellation fee. Some prices are subject to change without notice like best-price guarantees to match competition, or teaser rates.

Buckeye internet plans give the options of unlimited data or a monthly data allowance. Plans with a data cap can rollover to the next month if user's don't reach the data cap. Exceeding Buckeye navigation limits may increase your monthly cost so high use households may wish to pay for an unlimited data plan.

Like most cable companies, Buckeye offers introductory or teaser rates (though some other providers may offer fixed pricing or "price for life") which last for 6 months and are limited to new or existing customers who have not subscribed within the last 60 days.

Buckeye also offers a customer service subscription; Buckeye Brainiacs for $10/mo. If a connection point or any devices ever have a problem, where something doesn't work and requires service; support technicians are available by phone/remote access. Buckeye Brainiacs subscriptions also include malware removal and computer optimization. Service visit charges are $45/hour and $11.25/15 minutes after the first hour, with equipment delivery and equipment pick up fees of $45.

It's also worth noting that advertised prices are for new or existing customers who sign up for the auto-pay options.

As many companies do, Buckeye Broadband allows home and business owners to purchase their own modem or routers, which can save money on their average monthly bills. Doing so may also help save on network programming or property installation fees. Be sure to choose one of the Buckeye Broadband supported routers listed on their website to minimize complications. They also provide the option to rent equipment for a fee, which can help get access to newer technology on a regular basis. This allows Buckeye Broadband internet users to choose whatever option best meets their needs.