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current Rise Broadband Internet Deals

Fixed Wireless! Get Rise Broadband 25 Mbps fixed wireless internet from just $34.95 per month with a data cap of 250 GB or get 50 Mbps speeds with an increased data cap of 350GB for $44.95

Unlimited Data! Get unlimited Rise Broadband 25 Mbps with unlimited data for $54.95 or Rise Broadband 50 Mbps with unlimited data for just $64.95

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About Rise Broadband

Rise Broadband offers digital phone and high-speed internet service to both residential and commercial customers. Rise Broadband is the nation's largest fixed wireless broadband service provider, delivering services across 16 U.S. states. Offering expanded broadband coverage in previously under-served and un-served areas, Rise Broadband aims to close the digital gap by connecting rural and suburban homes and businesses in areas not served or under-served by fixed wireless carriers or traditional providers. Rise Broadband advertises internet speeds ranging from 3 Mbps to 1 Gbps, which exceeds or is comparable to cable, fiber, and DSL. Customers are provided an alternative option to phone, cable, and satellite internet companies. Rise Broadband services are generally faster and more affordable than satellite internet for homes or businesses without access to DSL or cable internet.

Features of their high speed internet and phone deals include:

  • Wireless internet speeds from 3 Mbps to 1 Gbps
  • Expanded Rise Broadband availability and coverage for households and businesses in previously not served and under-served areas
  • Digital phone and high-speed broadband internet service is available in sixteen states in the Rocky Mountain, Midwest and Southwest regions
  • Rise Broadband offers internet, Managed Wi fi, digital phone service, and other tools, products and services.

History of Rise Broadband

Headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, Rise Broadband is a broadband internet service, delivering residential and commercial digital voice and high-speed Internet service across 16 states. Previously known as Skybeam, Digis, T6, Prairie iNet and Rhino Communications, Rise Broadband's parent Company, JAB Wireless Inc., was rebranded under the Rise name in 2015. Rise Broadband has been named "Telecom Service Provider of the Year" at the Fierce Innovation Awards, and is recognized for providing digital phone and internet service in suburban and rural areas not served or under-served by other wireless and wireline carriers.

Services and Plans:

Rise Broadband provides service and fixed wireless broadband internet speeds from 3 Mbps to 1 Gbps in rural and suburban sections of the Midwest, Rocky Mountain and Southwest regions of the US. Practically speaking, residential internet plans are most affordable for speeds up to 50 Mbps and gigabit-level speeds are more appropriate for businesses with high bandwidth needs and few other options. Rise Broadband internet is available in Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. In addition to fixed wireless internet, Rise Broadband offers managed wi-fi, phone and "ActivePhone" service, as well as additional tools and care services such as Rise Secure, Rise Protect, and Rise Support offered with both residential and business service. Rise Broadband provides standard and unlimited data options for residential customers, and unlimited data options for businesses. Data caps can range from 250GB to 600 GBps depending on the underlying plan speed and price.

Residential Internet

Whether you're living in rural or suburban areas, Rise Broadband allows customers to experience reliable digital phone service and high-speed broadband internet service. Residential fixed wireless services allow you to surf the web, download music, play games and enjoy movie and video streaming with fast in-home wi-fi. Residential plans provide a reliable signal, and include either Standard or Unlimited data usage options with data transfer speeds of up to 5 Mbps depending on the plan. For an added cost, Rise customers can enjoy more services. These services include Rise At Home, RiseSupport, RiseSecure, RiseProtect, ActivePhone, AsurianHome+, and Managed Wi fi.

Popular residential plans include:

  • Rise Broadband 25: 25 Mbps and 250GB data for $34.95/month
  • Rise Broadband 50: 50 Mbps and 350GB data for $44.95/month
  • Rise Broadband 25 Unlimited: 25 Mbps and unlimited data for $54.95/month
  • Rise Broadband 50 Unlimited: 50 Mbps and unlimited data for $64.95/month

Rise At Home

For an extra $9.99 a month, customers can enjoy more with Rise At Home services and bonuses. This includes RiseSupport assistance, available 24/7. RiseSupport covers on site computer check and tech tune up, installation and upgrade assistance, assistance with networking, hardware/software errors and issues, a pc care service plan, and more. This includes up to 5 devices.


RiseSecure provides easy access support with technical support staff and the Rise Desktop tool.RiseSecure keeps your devices safe and secure with Proactive real-time monitoring software security team. The RiseSecure team of on-demand technical support staff are available 24/7 on site to take care of any tech needs or answer any questions you may have.


With a 24/7 monitoring team, RiseProtect offers system scanning and software security updates. This includes Operating System Updates, Personal Software Updates, Antivirus Definition Updates, Firewall Monitoring, Operating System Alerts, Memory and Task Management, Real-Time System Scans and Hard Drive and Memory Alerts.


Rise Broadband's ActivePhone allows you to save on your mobile phone plan. Features of ActivePhone include unlimited domestic long distance, free international long distance in 64 countries, free multi ring, ActivePhone Messaging, web-based administration tools, 911 services, caller ID with name, 3-way calling, last call return and auto redial. Customers can add ActivePhone for $24.95 more a month (including equipment rental).

Asurian Home+

AsurianHome+ members receive coverage on personal tech, easy repairs or replacements, and 24/7 support for the entire household. The AsurianHome+ team covers all tech under your roof, no matter where you got it from, providing easy repairs and replacements.

Managed Wi fi

Managed Wi-Fi guarantees a strong wireless internet signal in every corner of your residence, providing reliable internet connection. Using the Deco app on an iOS or Android device, you can manage your Wi-Fi in your residence or on the go. The Deco app also allows you to see connected devices, prioritize devices, set up a guest network, and keep your children safe with parental controls and more. Managed Wi fi customers can choose the right fixed wireless broadband internet plan between three options: Managed Wi-fi, Premium Wi-fi, and Premium mesh.

Business Services

Rise Broadband is the nation's largest fixed wireless internet service provider. They advertise service and connectivity at par or beyond the conventional wireline provider, supporting unique network needs with a high-quality dependable signal, reliable internet access, speeds, and service. Rise Broadband's business high-speed internet options are optimized for critical applications including voice, video streaming, and cloud at speeds up to 1Gbps. Rise Broadband's plans include small business and enterprise options. Small business broadband services are designed for under 10 employees and 1-2 phone lines. Enterprise broadband services are suitable for business with 10+ employees and 3+ lines. Broadband plans feature wireless Rise Broadband speeds of up to 50 Mbps (100 Mbps available in some areas), no data usage caps, no contract is necessary. Plans include a complimentary Static IP, Rise Device Support, or Voice Service. Customers can add a 2nd value added service for $10 a month.

Retail business packs include:

  • $80.94/month: 25 Mbps, unlimited data, equipment rental, 1 value added service
  • $100.94/month: 50 Mbps, unlimited data, equipment rental, 1 value added service
  • $120.94/month: 100 Mbps, unlimited data, equipment rental, 1 value added service

Rise Broadband Ethernet over a fixed wireless service has a standard Service Level Agreement (SLA) providing high performance reliable mission-critical connectivity. The design of enterprise-grade equipment will determine how Rise Broadband's VoIP (either SIP or Hosted PBX) and other delay-sensitive applications will run to best optimize service. To improve reliability and voice quality, Rise Broadband also offers the option to Run existing SIP &VoIP traffic across their network. Rise Broadband's wireless high-speed internet services provide reliable connection in your location with no data cap.

Since they focused on rural areas with few other options, Rise Broadband competitors typically include satellite internet providers like Hughes and ViaSat. In some areas that may also include larger wireless providers like AT&T and Verizon Wireless.