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Home Internet Service! T-Mobile Home is only $50 per month with no annual internet service contract. T-Mobile home internet gateway included. Get reliable home internet over the T-Mobile network.

Mobile plans and pricing depend on location, device and contract.

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About T-Mobile

With 100.3 million subscribers as of the end of 2020, T-Mobile is the third-largest wireless carrier in the United States. T-Mobile’s 5G network is now the fastest and largest in America. Its headquarters are located in Bellevue, Washington, in the Seattle metropolitan area. T-Mobile internet provides nationwide 5G service and a 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) network that connects 99% of Americans. T-Mobiles Nationwide 4G LTE and 5G network connects cities and towns across the country, providing reliable internet service and a strong mobile network connection.

Features of their wireless internet service include:

  • Nationwide 4G LTE and 5G at record speeds
  • 5G access is included with every plan, at no extra cost
  • Both subscription based and pre-paid data plans available
  • A variety of Unlimited and per month plans
  • T-Mobile home internet using the T-Mobile High-Speed Internet Gateway device. T-Mobile home plan only $50 per month. Mobile home internet devices are 4G LTE and 5G home internet ready.
  • T-Mobile business, 5G home internet service, and mobile plans available for every need
  • Exclusive discounts and offers for Military, Veterans, and First Responders
  • Bonus features with select plans featuring Netflix On Us, wireless scam protection, and T-Mobile Tuesdays
  • Magenta plans offer customer benefits at no extra cost. Including unlimited streaming and weekly giveaways and deals.
  • Popular top accessory brands including smartphones powered by Apple, Samsung, Google, OnePlus, T-Mobile, LG, Motorola, and Alcatel. Both its basic phones and smartphones use T-Mobile 4G LTE. Shop top device brands for exclusive deals.

History of T-Mobile

T-Mobile U.S. dates back to the 1994 establishment of VoiceStream Wireless PCS, a subsidiary of Western Wireless Corporation. VoiceStream Wireless was later purchased in 2001 by Deutsche Telekom AG. In 2002 it was renamed T-Mobile USA, Inc.. VoiceStream Wireless PCS was established in 1994 as a subsidiary of Western Wireless Corporation, and provided wireless personal communications services in 19 FCC (Federal Communications Commission)-defined metropolitan service areas in several western and southwestern states. In 2013, T-Mobile and MetroPCS finalized a merger and started trading as T-Mobile U.S.

In November 2019, the FCC gave conditional approval for a Sprint merger with T-Mobile U.S. The combined company stopped using the Sprint brand in August of 2020. Customers on the former Sprint network have full access to the combined T-Mobile United States network. Leadership, stock, and background changes took place immediately, with customer end changes taking place over time. The combined company is one of the largest wireless carriers in the United States. Part of the merger approval included the requirement that the merged company upgrade their LTE networks to 5G, making the service available to 99% of American households. This will significantly improve internet connectivity and access for those living in smaller cities and towns, rural areas and areas without reliable wired home internet.

In 2013, T-Mobile introduced a change in its plan structure, branding themselves as being an "Un-carrier". A contract-free pricing structure was introduced with simpler plans where a phone's cost is paid over a two-year financing plan. The Un-carrier strategy has since expanded to add other services, such as a plan add-ons and phone trade-ins twice per year, carrying over unused data for up to a year.

T-Mobile has received many workplace awards. T-Mobile was named the Best Place to Work for LGBT Equality by the Human Rights Campaign for four consecutive years and received a score of 100 on the Disability Equality Index (DEI), which measures disability inclusion. In 2017, T-Mobile was awarded a Designation for the top 100 Military Friendly Employer by Military Friendly for the tenth time, and was recognized as one of the World's Most Ethical Companies by the Ethisphere Institute for the ninth year in a row. Beyond national awards, T-Mobile has won several local awards in many locations.

The company owns licenses to operate a cellular communications network with coverage in many parts of the continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands in the 1900 MHz (PCS) and 1700 MHz (AWS) bands. Under the T-Mobile HotSpots brand, T-Mobile operates a nationwide Wi-Fi Internet access network. The T-Mobile HotSpots includes of nationwide network of approximately 8,350 Wi-Fi access points installed in businesses, hotels, and airports throughout the United States. T-Mobile expands 4G LTE and 5G based service across the country.

Services and Plans

T-Mobile offers a variety of plans- both prepaid and per month, suitable for every customer need. Plans include shared and individual mobile plans, T-Mobile home internet and LTE wi-fi, and wireless business plans. T-Mobile also offers exclusive discounts and deals to military, first responders, and customers over the age of 55. T-Mobile's Team of Experts ensures that customers are never transferred to another department and receive the best service and allows you to connect with T-Mobile experts with ease. All T-Mobile representatives are trained in billing, payment arrangements, and cancellations. T-Mobile's range of data, home internet, calling, and texting plans ensure there is a viable option for every customer. T-Mobile customers gain access to a variety of deals and plans, including exclusive deals and offers on other devices and accessories such as watches, tablets, headphones, docks, stands, cases, screen protectors and more.

T-Mobile Test Drive allows T-Mobile home internet customers to try out their network for free for up to 30 days or 3GB, prior to switching over, offering customers the chance to experience data, text, calling, and Wi Fi in your home or mobile when you test drive the T-Mobile network and network speeds.


T-Mobile offers several plans. Some of these plans include the Essentials plan, and T-Mobile's family of Magenta plans. The T-Mobile Essentials plan provides customers unlimited talk, text, and data at a lower price than a Magenta or Magenta Plus plan. The Essentials plan does not include taxes and fees, whereas the Magenta and Magenta Plus plans do. T-Mobile offers any customer on a Magenta or Magenta Plus plan with 2 or more lines to participate in a Netflix on Us offer. Alongside the T-Mobile Magenta family of plans are the specialized plans offered to Military personnel, First Responders, and seniors age 55 and up. T-Mobile is offering a $5 discount per month for each of your first 8 lines when you activate a Magenta plan and enroll in AutoPay.

All plans include unlimited talk and text, unlimited 4G LTE data, 5G access at no extra cost, HD video streaming resolution, and wireless scam protection. New deals and exclusive offers are announced often, offering new benefits to customers weekly with T-Mobile Tuesdays. All 2021 T-Mobile USA plans can enjoy access to T-Mobiles Nationwide 5G network service at incredible speeds. T-Mobile Connect and T-Mobile Simply Prepaid Plans start as low 15/ month. For 15/month customers get unlimited talk and text, plus up to 2GB data per data plan. For $25/month, you get unlimited talk and text, and up to 5GB of data service. For a limited time, sign up for 2 lines and get a third line free via bill credits. Magenta plans include travel benefits such as international texting, data and calling options, as well as unlimited text data talk in Canada and Mexico. Magenta plan roaming options offer T-Mobile customers text, basic data (up to 2G speeds), and calls for only 25 cents/minute while travelling. This is available in more than 200 worldwide destinations, allowing customers a reliable form of contact while abroad.

Due to data prioritization, during times of congestion, customers using >50GB/mo. may notice reduced speeds. Essentials customers may notice lower speeds and further reductions than Magenta customers if using >50GB/mo.

For customers who are interested in older rate plans, or Sprint plans, T-Mobile will continue to make select older rate plans available for a limited time. Known as heritage plans, the details for both these T-Mobile and Sprint plans may be found on their website.


T-Mobile is offers a variety of 5G internet, data, texting, calling, and unlimited plans suitable for businesses of any size. Customers enjoy reliable connection to the America's largest 5G network at impressive speeds. T-Mobile's Better-for-Business 5G network offers Nationwide 5G service coverage and a risk-free demo program. Plans include wireless scam protection, T-Mobile's Team of Experts service, and more.


Since Sprint and T-Mobile merged, T-Mobile's 5G network is America’s fastest and largest, covering over 100 million Americans across the country. T-Mobile expands 4G LTE and 5G based service across the country. Select plans include Unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada, Landline numbers in more than 80 countries, and mobile numbers in more than 55 countries. T-Mobile offers an award winning internet experience and internet connection to data users, home broadband, and home internet customers, and businesses with reliable mobile LTE. Whether you're on the move or at home, T-Mobile offers a stable and reliable mobile LTE network service in both urban and rural areas across the country. T-Mobile's 5G Network covers over 8,300 cities and towns- more than twice the 5G coverage area of Verizon or AT&T.

Home Internet

T-Mobile Home Internet is a fixed wireless service using the 4G LTE and 5g networks, where available. Their home internet service uses a dual-band wi-fi internet gateway and a home internet mobile app to help manage the network connectivity. They are currently offering home internet service for a flat rate of $50 per month (with monthly auto-pay). The home internet price includes equipment and does not require an annual contract. Since T-Mobile home internet service uses their nationwide mobile network, users should expect home internet speeds similar to what's experienced with mobile devices in a particular location. As 5G network rollouts continue these speeds will improve, but 5G home internet is not widely available as of yet. Users in rural areas may still find that satellite or fixed wireless services are more practical options for home internet service.

Charges and Fees

Mobile service agreements are typically lengthy, outlining a great deal on what plan does or does not give you, and the rights of both parties. When signing up post-pay mobile contract, many companies may review your credit score and process a credit check. By signing up you agree to their terms and conditions, and will be expected to pay both one time and recurring fees. Most contracts are limited up to four lines per residential account, and business up to eight. There are many compatible device choices and services may be available for wearables, Bluetooth source technology and Laptops as well as a mobile phone or tablet. In order to sign up, one maybe be asked to provide personal billing or other information.

Depending on your phone plan, roaming and long-distance charges may occur when traveling or contacting persons outside of designated service zones. There is no maximum data allowance that restrict data, however depending on the plan/ contract chosen, a different level of data & speed may be available. When networks are congested and reaching capacity data usage, customers may notice speeds lower than usual.

As a customer, you can save on your phone or phone plan with free devices offered with select deals and plans, as well as device monthly payment choices. Prices include savings per month when you sign up for paper-free billing and auto-pay. When a device is first activated, any monthly recurring charges and any applicable Service Commitment bills on accounts begin. One-time charges and credits for the prior billing period may occur at this time. Monthly and recurring charges occur at the beginning of each billing period. Additional fees regarding programming & activation, upgrade fees, plus add-on fee per line (+deposit) may be applied. Taxes and fees are included in Magenta and Magenta plus plans, but not in T-Mobile Essentials options.

AutoPay is a free service that automatically deducts payments from your credit card or checking account each month to pay your T-Mobile bill. As a customer, you can receive a $5 discount per month for each of your first 8 lines when you activate a Magenta plan and enroll in AutoPay. T-Mobile offers exclusive deals on technology and other devices and accessories such as watches, tablets, headphones, docks, stands, cases, screen protectors and more. T-Mobile also provides bring-your-own-phone options. Weekly exclusives and deals are offered through T-Mobile Tuesdays- which is available to T-Mobile customers. More information on Network management, media assets, Customer premises equipment (CPE),the latest news and updates and other things may be found on the T-Mobile website, or through a T-Mobile representative.

T-Mobile competitors include the other major nationwide carriers, AT&T Mobility and Verizon Wireless.